Tour, New Music & 2013


I love this blog. I feel it’s a good way to get perspective on my choices and upcoming routes I plan on taking, and while doing so it also lets me bring you into my thought process.. Honesty and vulnerability all tied into one! At the end of the day, one can hope they’re headed in the right direction.

This last few months has been amazing..

I got to check-off my first US tour wish (!!), I learned so much on the road, I got to meet so many of my fans and really got a chance to connect with them. I fell in love with music all over again and since wrapping up the tour in LA Aug 18th, I’ve been writing non-stop for the next album. Videographer & photographer Jessica Earnshaw documented the tour here.

It’s always a strange feeling getting off of a movie, or a tour, or anything that creatively heightens the senses. You have days where you’re left with yourself (which can be a challenge). Being still… I felt this was something I needed to do for a bit before heading into the next music project. Just be with myself for a second and really think about the sound I’m going for. I pulled the plug on going to London to start recording (for now).. As badly as I wanted to immediately start the next album, something inside of me said to slow down, write more, look at all of your options and songs and make sure you’re doing this because the timing is right, not because you have a fear you’ll lose an opportunity.

I think those are important things to think about…

I’m so excited about some of this new music I’m writing, I need to take a deep breath.. kid in a candy store.

I played Webster Hall on Sept 28th, opening for Lindsey Stirling, which was such a blast. I have a some shows coming up this month that I’m excited about. Rockwood Music Hall for CMJ Oct 17th, and opening for Charlene Kaye & Jay Stolar at Brighton Music Hall Oct 29th in Boston, which should be sweet.

I’m in the process of going through paperwork in signing with music management. It’s a gift having the extra hand on a day-to-day basis as things move forward, or sometimes backwards, depending. Also depending on when you ask me, lol. I’m so stubborn with things like publishing and or/record contracts based on my history with them. That being said, I feel I’m surrounding myself with people I trust and want to build with so I can trust a little more.

I’m also working on a documentary that I’m excited about getting out to you.. :) Amongst other things.

It’s fall now in NY.. and I just found a record player for 80$. It’s a good day.

Love Al

Update on Packages and Hey!


I’ve been getting a ton of emails and tweets regarding where your Kickstarter packages are.

…I have no idea where they went.

..Just kidding.

They are on the way to you. Depending on where you live, you should get it in about 3 weeks at most. I wish I knew in hindsight how much time it was going to take to gather information from 939 people, on top of getting this tour off the ground. I’m sorry for the delay and thank you kindly for your patience!!

Also, for those who sent in rad t-shirt designs for this Skipping Stone tour, BLESS YOU! They are all so creative and different.. I ended up finding a great design that is in production now! I look forward to showing it to you guys.. hopefully you like it!

We leave for tour so soon..
I’m playing Rockwood Friday evening and sharing the stage with some fierce talent!! Misty Boyce and Theo Katzman.. it’s going to be a kickass way to kick-off this tour.

I’m also super excited to be back in Toronto July 26th to play The Drake! My dear friend Barb of Mamabolo is opening!

Again – thank you for being patient with your packages. Next time I’ll know it will take longer than a month..

Kickstarter excel sheets – it’s been real peachy keen, but I’m happy to not see you around for awhile…

Love Al


A Kickstarter Update

I figured I would blog about this as well – I sent this out via Kickstarter last night… and here it is again!

I’ll be using this blog as a place to document my tour experiences, and for starters I am thrilled to announce my upcoming tour dates HERE!!!

What a whirlwind couple of months this has been….I have learned so much about touring and merchandise, and releasing music independently, and producing music videos, and tour budgets… it’s incredible how much it takes to get a full band on the road. I’m blessed to be surrounded by amazing musicians here in NY, and I’m confident that I’ve put together quite the wicked band for this tour.. I can’t wait until you see them live.

It was amazing seeing the Kickstarter analytics of where backers were donating from around the world… it gives me so much drive to make sure I reach you. I was disappointed when facing the reality that I won’t be able to make it oversea’s for this specific tour, but I won’t say I didn’t try to budget it in. It just logistically wasn’t do-able this time around.

Just to break it down…

67k – Kickstarter takes 10%

57k – 10k to cover my visa to tour the US

47k – 10k merchandise for backers & tour

37k – 2,500 for PR

35k – The final tour budget I’m working with to headline my first US tour w/a full band.

I am pleased to say that your packages have been sent off this week to the fulfilment company for them to be shipped worldwide. It was too risky sending them individually myself, being that I won’t be home this summer incase any don’t reach their destination and bounce back. It took awhile to gather everyone’s info for shipping. The fulfillment company also helps run my online store, which has just launched today at!!!

I am so thankful (for you.) and excited to finally get a chance to hit the road and share these songs… I feel this is an opportunity to build on this first tour and keep growing and learning and hopefully geographically expanding where I get to play!!!

That is the plan. It’s what this is all about.
Thank you for being a part of it.

Huffington Post did an interview with me about this whole experience, I thought I’d share.

Also, you will be able to follow the tour through photographs via


Skipping Stone EP on iTunes & Other Updates…


Nice to be back in the big city. My travels this last few months have been eventful to say the least. LA –> Miami to film a movie (yay for my visa!) –> than back to LA where I played Hotel Cafe and took some management meetings amongst other things. It’s been a ton of learning, everyday. Co-write contracts, Sync licensing, ISRC codes, distribution, apps, merchandise, online store, Sel#’s (still don’t know what that is..), enrolled a pr team! Rehearsals, music video, fulfillment companies, meeting amazingly talented musicians and digging into the Kickstarter backer reports! Finding innovative ways to spread the word on this EP from the ground up. I love having so much control.. although, I have moments of feeling more than a little frazZled. In the end, I want to make the right decisions and not act out of fear that I can’t do it myself…everything in good time! (Anything is possible). I am so lucky to have some really bright, brilliant friends to help with little things here and there… I so look forward to giving back..

Some of my merch arrived in LA at the Hotel show…I had some of it sent there for when I play the west coast. It was so cool holding the EP in my hands. So much heart went into this, it hurts! I’m getting my vinyl jackets created right now.. Here’s what I came home to in NY!

And it begins...

I’m playing Rockwood tomorrow night if you’re out and about.. it’s the official EP release show! Should be a good time..

Oh! Also! Check out this sweet new Alexz Johnson app by Mobile Roadie! —->

Annnnd…. I just noticed that the Skipping Stone EP is available now on iTunes!!! Hard to get the timing perfect, but nonetheless, it’s out!!!

Step by step … :)

I hope this finds you well… I will be documenting and sharing my experiences through this Kickstarter campaign as best as I can. Shooting the music video for Walking this weekend — then tour talk!

Thank you for being on this journey with me… what a ride!


Just some things, un-edited version. (There’s no foul language or anything). #titletoolong

I don’t know why I’ve had resignation in writing what I’m doing and working on here in LA… It may be because (I feel) it’s not the most interesting of times for others to read (for me, it is very interesting. Very much). I’ve spent the past 2 weeks taking management meetings / booking agent meetings / planting the starting seeds of my upcoming tour (feels good to say that!!!!!) / song-writing / co-writing for other artists / doing yoga / drinking wine w/friends, sometimes by myself / screen-testing for US networks (often reluctantly, so let’s hope that doesn’t pan out! Just kidding!) and gearing up to head to Miami on Tuesday to film the ever postponed movie I am scheduled to film (helped get my visa to tour in the US!).

This tour is really important to me and I feel responsibility to make it great. I know I can’t do it all by myself (although, I am learning a ton!) so I want to make sure the right team is in place to move forward. It’s funny how pieces fall into place – it’s never on our timeline. It also, in the end, never lets us down!

Please continue to pass along the Kickstarter campaign to friends!!! Looking at the logistics, it takes a lot to conquer the tour I plan in my head… but I’m confident what I see is going to HAPPEN! I can’t believe what we’ve raised since launching… I feel very blessed.. overwhelmed, but in a good way!

I’m doing a “Farewell Kickstarter Stage-it Show” on March 23rd from Miami (60 days is a long time…I had no idea. It’s time to say goodbye). I also have a show coming up at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on April 24th. Dates will be posted on fb and my website. – I’m pretty thrilled about Rockwood by the way… you can’t read enthusiasm through blogs, I promise you.

I do in all humble servitude (I like how that sounds) hope this finds you well.

Yes, this is a photo of me in the bathroom. It was good day today. I wish it was more creative, but... I don't really.

Have a great weekend,
Alexz xo

Music Talk

I wanted to give you a heads up!

I’m going to be streaming full tracks of the new Skipping Stone EP on January 24th at

You will be able to purchase the EP digitally and physically along with other merchandise via as well as shortly after.

This EP is part of the steps toward reaching my goal of performing this material for you live, wherever you are. So, around this release, I decided I’m going to be launching a Kickstarter campaign to tour in 2012 to hopefully help get me closer to that possibility. Kickstarter is a really great funding platform for independent artists. It’s powered by a unique all-or-nothing method and if you reach the goal amount your project becomes a reality.

Writing these songs and watching them come to life exceeded my expectations. Through these songs, I found a drive to try and make a tour happen, regardless. I had help from some amazingly talented friends to make this music possible and I’m thrilled to get this out to you now.

I’m humbled by the views of the Skipping Stone music video:

I guess the real point of this blog is to thank you for being a part of the journey and for listening…. thank you for listening.

I look forward to seeing you from the stage!!!!

xx Alexz