Open Windows

Well, this week has sort of jingled my bells in a fancy way (ya that’s right) and it was completely unexpected.. I’ll have more details as things unfold, but I definitely feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be..

Tonight, I wanted to get my feelings down about the Skipping Stone EP. I’m excited to get it out to you. It was such a passion project for me and I was so lucky to have the help and genius of some wonderful musicians and friends to make it even happen. It started with a couple of songs, and turned into something really authentic and special for me.

James Lewis in London who graciously offered his genius hands and mind on mixing. As did my dear friend Greg Wells, who did the same of course. James, also introducing me to the mastermind Robin Schmidt who fittingly mastered the album. Jimmy Robbins gave so much space for me to write everything I was feeling inside, without judgement or ego whatsoever. Mike Shimshack brought the track Walking to exactly where I heard it in my head, and beyond. Drew Leahy and his bright ideas and honesty helped me through the details and my brother Zak, his artistic eye and talent is beyond measure and I’m blessed to be his sister.

The Skipping Stone video is at 50k views I just realized!! …That was a fun day.

I’m releasing the EP on the 24th and look forward to playing these songs for you live.

I’m heading to Miami this month to start shooting a film on the 30th. It’s not a long shoot, and I have no idea what to expect or how it’s going to be when I get there, but I thank the heavens as it gave me the extra green light on my visa which I needed to pursue my musical endeavours here in the US this year. Which, in hopes will potentially lead to more, amazing work as well! I’ve never been to Miami, but…..

More to come, la de dee dum.

xo Al

17 thoughts on “Open Windows

  1. I’m really looking forward to hearing “Skipping Stone”! The new songs really have me wondering what they sound like, what they’re about, and just all the creative aspects that went into them.

    Congrats on the film role! Maybe you can tell us more about it later, but I’m happy to hear you’re acting again! I really love your acting and get something new from it every time I see you work. Have fun in Miami!

  2. Deby says:

    Just to say that I’m so excited and happy for you! Whatever happens! We are in the 13th day of this year and it’s already exceeding my expectations. I guess it’s the same for you and I hope it stays like this untill the end of it and afterwards. I’ll always support you! xx Deby

  3. Jessica says:

    I can’t wait for the EP..eleven days :D Congrats on everything. I truly think that this is gonna be your year :P. p.s. Come play for us in LA, please?

  4. Leah says:

    Oh my goodness! You’ll love Miami! It’s so vibrant, full of passion, history, and art….and you are oh so close to the Florida Keys, which is complete paradise! I’m sure you could write a few jimmy bufffety-ish songs that would rock…and you could come play for us Keys natives who love you and your music :) But enjoy Miami! Soak it up.

  5. Yay, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP! I’m still constantly listening to Skipping Stone; it has become one of my favorite songs. :) Congratulations on the film role, can’t wait to hear more about it. Have fun in Miami!


  6. Lucrezia says:

    You have no idea how happy I am about this!!!!
    Through what you wrote I can get how happy and excited you’re too about this EP coming.
    You know, I live in Italy and one of my dreams is to see you performing live… I know it looks like impossible now but I’ll wait. Step by step you’ll get here, I know it! Cause you’re so great and everyone is gonna love you and your amazing music! So you’ll get here and I’ll see you performing… and my dream will turn into reality :)
    I can’t wait for the EP.
    I wish you the best, you really, REALLY deserve it! Never give up ;)

  7. Whenever I get sad and discouraged, I remember alexz johnson!
    You are my inspiration! His songs their fight .. you’re amazing.
    I am very happy to see her acting again, and I am very happy new EP!

  8. That’s awesome! I can’t wait to hear the EP. It is all that I am going to be listening to. That is so cool that you are filming a movie in Miami! Have fun! Thank you so much for being such an amazing inspiration for me!


  9. Carrie Arbaugh says:

    You are an extremely talented person and I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you for all the hard work you’re putting forth to follow your dreams. Your music is so inspiring and really touches our souls and speaks directly to all the people who listen to it. Everyone who listens can connect to your songs and if they’re like me, can use your music as a safe haven from all their troubles. You never seem to give up on your music and I think you’ve realized your fans will never give up on you. You fans are amazing, they seem more like family. Everytime your down or up they are right there with you with encourging words and love and if your sad, so are we. You’ve touched the hearts of so many worldwide by just your music but not only that, you make known how much you love your fans and appreciate them. Most big stars hope a smile and a wave is enough, not you, your incrediable.
    I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip to Miami. I’m glad that things seem to be working in your favor! “Good things come to those who wait.” You deserve all the open windows God gives you plus so much more. It’s good that you haven’t lost your faith and you keep moving forward even if so many things knock you down. Some people are just handed everything but others, like yourself, fight and work for the things in life they want and in the end are more appreciative of their work. You are truely a beautiful person inside and out. You the most talented angel I’ve ever known! I thank you for your music and your passion and for the generous things you do for your fans! You are incredible and I don’t think I’d have the life I do now if it wasn’t for you. I don’t think I can ever say thank you enough!
    I am eagerly awaiting “Skipping Stone” EP. I hope more than anything to see you perform live one day so I will do my part as a fan the best way I can! Keep shining Alexz! You bring so much love and energy to your fans and we will always be beside you! Good luck and much love to you!! :)

    “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”
    -Harriet Tubman-

  10. Alexz-

    Congrats on your visa and Skipping Stone’s success so far. I am very excited for you.

    The second I read that you were going to Miami, I started singing that sing, it was hilarious. It was definitely a hit when it came out…lol

  11. I’m so happy to hear things are going well, and I am so excited for the EP! I hope you have a great time in Miami, and that the filming goes well.
    Lots of love :)

  12. That’s amazing! So many views on the Skipping Stone video. Crazy huh?! :)
    Can’t wait for the realese of the EP & hope you’ll have fun in Miamiii!

    Always spreading your music,
    Giulia B.

  13. Sarah says:

    Hi Alexz,
    I can’t wait to hear your new ep. I’m sure it will be amazing. Good luck on your shoot in Miami. I was just there last month and the weather was beautiful.

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